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“I think the most un-American thing you can say is, ‘You can’t say that.’”

Garrison Keillor

Kirk Woosley Patton of Fincastle Ancestry Research is an experienced genealogical speaker with more than twenty years of experience searching for ancestors in courthouses, churches, cemeteries, libraries and archives throughout Kentucky and the United States. He is available upon contract to schedule speaking engagements for genealogical societies and conferences.

Available presentations include the following:

  • “Case Study: A Kentucky Family”
  • “The Uncommon Wealth: The Riches of Kentucky Genealogical Research”
  • “A Grateful Nation: Military Pensions and Bounty Land Warrants”
  • “Land: The Genealogical Source that Lasts”
  • “Across the Heartland: An Introduction to Genealogical Research in the Midwestern United States”
  • “Thinking Outside the Pine Box: A Survey of Death Related Genealogical Sources”
  • “Genealogy from a Distance: Utilizing a Virtual Research Environment”
  • “Of Vital Importance: The Genealogical Value of Birth, Marriage and Death Records”
  • “Where There’s a Will, There’s Probably A Genealogist in the Way”
  • “Where There’s Not a Will, There’s Probably Still a Way”
  • “In Their Own Words: Genealogical Research Using Veterans’ Pension Applications for Descriptions of Their Military Service”
  • “Who Stole the Family Silver Spoons? Valuing the Wealth of Ancestors”
  • “Case Study: The Immigration and Naturalization of a Family”
  • “These Are My People: Scots-Irish Settlement and Migration”

A sample Fee & Contract form is available for review.

Photograph of Kentucky scene by Debbie Sands Woodard

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